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Each of our solutions are built on new technology in a .net environment and C# (C sharp) language

The .net platform has several benefits such as:

  • Latest innovation in development techniques.
  • Easier to install and maintain.
  • Most users friendly (HTML web interface).
  • Faster time to market.

We developed several revenue integrity solutions. One of the most used one is our dtnc - ticket number check. dtnc can save a considerable amount in lost revenue while significantly reducing labour intensive processing and distribution costs. dtnc validates if a ticket number has been entered in the PNR. It sends out a reminder to the travel agent and within a given time, deletes the booking should it still lack a ticket number.

dtnc comes with additional features such as: The ability to screen PNR’s for API information (Advanced Passenger Information) required by some countries such as the US Homeland Security and US customs for flights to the USA, Canada and Mexico that need to be advised prior to the flight. dtnc can also check PNR’s for PCTC (Passenger Contact Information) if not present dtnc sends a message.

dcontrol is dsolution's master control unit. It checks and monitors all actions and notifies our customers of their actions. This diagram shows you how the dcontrol unit controls the modules.

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