The internet has become an essential direct distribution channel for airlines. It’s open for sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Based upon the proven and our state of the art dibe internet booking engine, dsolution has launched and implemented the dsuite. The dsuite contains several modules that can be selected by the customer and can serve as the airline core e-commerce platform featuring:

  • dibe - internet booking engine
  • dici - internet check-in
  • dmap - interactive map
  • decv - electronic confirmation Voucher
  • dff - fulfilment application

The dsuite has been designed, so that our customers have access to dsuite 24/7, via our web based dadmin tool. By this means our customers are able to self service the modules. Maintain, change settings, request reports and logs at any time. This makes dsuite the most flexible internet booking suite available on the market.

The dsuite modules support all languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese and Russian. New languages can be added by the airline in less than one day.

The dsuite can be connected via XML, API, web service or MQ connection to any airline reservation system or GDS.

Through the customer self-service tools the ailrine will be able to offer a better customers online experience. Implementing cost-saving internet self-service. Through the dsuite, the airline will be able to expand their existing products and services worldwide.

Build in a .net environment and C# language using AJAX web technology for enhanced web GUI features and fully XML compatible, dsuite uses the latest innovation in development techniques.