dsolution has developed a sophisticated internet check-in module (dici). The dici application is not just an internet check-in module but has features such as upsell, buy a seat (preferred premium seating such as emergency/exit rows) and reserve/pay online for excess baggage.

The dici module, is a tool empowering the passenger to control their own check-in and reservation. dici comes with a “plug and play” GUI and can be fully integrated into the airline web service.

dici common use functionality enables it to be connected to any and/or multiple DCS’s (Departure Control Systems) and ARS’s (Airline Reservation Systems) simultaneously and/or individually.

Unique branding

Another option is the possibility for a unique branding of the dici module for each airline.

It can be branded in any airlines logo and colours and has the look and feel of the airline branding. The passenger would recognize the internet check-in as being part of the airlines product.

So groundhandle companies can use dici to handle the airlines on their own DCS system.

The module is equipped to handle the internet check-in and web based kiosks (self service check-in devices)

Additional functional features of our internet check-in solution:

  • Buy a seat (preferred seating: exit, aisle seat), insurance, onboard services or pay online for excess baggage
  • Unlimited number of different languages supported such as Chinese, Arabic, Japanese. New languages can be added in dici in less than one day
  • dici mobile, check-in via mobile devices and receive 3D barcode on the mobile
  • dici tables and rules are set and controlled via dadmin tool, the most user friendly and powerful HTML web interface available on the market.
  • All screens are customisable and controlled via the dadmin tool
  • Print boarding pass with 2D barcode according IATA resolution 792 - PDF 417 for BCBP. Also possible Data Matrix, Aztec or QR
  • Obtain boarding pass from self service device or check-in counter
  • Via dadmin the option “print boarding pass” can be switched on/off per station, depending if the station accepts internet check-in boarding passes or not
  • Internet check-in hours open/close before the flight to be controlled via dadmin