A company that utilizes an electronic (virtual) document as fulfilment will need to supply its customer with a proof of the purchase/transaction

The decv is in use as:

  • E-ticket
  • Frequent Flyer upgrade confirmation
  • Boarding pass
  • Check-in notification
  • Schedule change notification
  • Hotel reservation confirmation
  • Car rental confirmation

For this purpose dsolution has developed the decv application (electronic confirmation voucher).

  • decv is the most flexible and powerful fulfilment tool available on the market.
  • decv comes as an interactive HTML e-mail in full colors.
  • Depending on where the passenger resides, the content can be communicated in different languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese) and the content can be tailor made per departure/arrival city.
  • Several customised messages (pictures/logos), (commercial) banners on a departure/arrival country/city level can be added.
  • decv can also be used to generate a boarding pass (with or without a barcode) to be used in connection with dici our internet check-in application
  • The passenger can more easily read and understand the content if it is divided into colour categories.
  • The passenger is not required to download any software to access the data file.